Having an overflowing water softener in your home can be stressful. It might even cause an accident when someone slips after stepping in the water. Here are the three most common reasons why your water softener in Lakeway, TX, is full of water.

Malfunctioning Spacer Stack and Piston

Some of your water softener’s components, such as the piston and spacer stack, wear out over time. When this happens, it may affect your system’s performance and can even cause it to overflow.

If you notice water overflowing your water softener, then you’ll need to replace the pistons and the stack. Replacing these components isn’t an easy task, so don’t try troubleshooting your system by yourself. Instead, call in a professional for reliable plumbing services.

Clogged Injector

A clogged injector is a common problem when the water in your system has high iron content. To fix this, you’ll have to call in a technician to remove the injector and clean it. If the injector is beyond repair, then you’ll need to replace it.

Disconnected Incoming Brine Line Hose

Just like the float in your toilet tank, your water softener has a float that controls its brine levels. If the incoming brine line is loose, the float won’t stop the moving water at the correct level.

This leads to an overflowing water softener. An HVAC professional can help you check whether the float and the line are in the right place. If they aren’t in the right place, the technician will make repairs or provide replacements.

Our highly skilled plumbers at AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing can handle all your plumbing needs. From installing faucets to repairing dripping showerheads, your needs are in safe hands with us. Contact AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing today for top-rated water softener services in Lakeway, TX.

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