Austin heat pumps can last 15 years or more with annual maintenance. Poorly maintained systems might not even last 10 years. It’s best to replace an ailing heat pump before it fails. That way, you’ll have time to find the most cost-effective installation. Here are some telltale signs that you need a new heat pump installation:

Accelerating Utility Bills

Even high-quality heat pumps that never miss a maintenance visit will lose efficiency with age. With heat pump replacement, your energy costs can decrease dramatically. How much you save will depend on the particulars of the new system. However, it’s not uncommon to save between 30 and 40 percent annually on heating and cooling costs.

Snowballing Heat Pump Repairs

The older the heat pump, the more help it needs to stay in the game. Frequent breakdowns and high heat pump repair costs are a dead giveaway that your heat pump’s useful service life is nearing an end. With a new heat pump installation, you can stop throwing good money after bad.

Indoor Comfort Issues

Most old heat pumps leave much to be desired when it comes to indoor comfort. Your home might have high humidity, hot and cold spots or other issues. A new system can provide the reliable and consistent indoor comfort that your existing system can no longer supply.

Expired Warranty Coverage

Without warranty coverage, all expenses incurred by an old heat pump will come out of your pocket. Heat pumps are most likely to develop serious issues after warranties have expired. A replacement system with new warranty coverage will protect your bank account in the event of an emergency.

The heat pump experts at AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing can perform a high-efficiency heat pump installation that saves you money every month. Call us at (512) 782-2560 to learn more about our heat pump installation service and to schedule an appointment.

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