Blown-in attic insulation can benefit your Austin home handsomely. The insulation material is safe. It doesn’t make a mess and contains no harmful chemicals. It covers your home in a thermal blanket with a satisfactory R-value, and the installation process is quick and efficient.

Saves on Energy Costs

Because blown-in insulation delivers an airtight seal you don’t get with rolled batting, it’s more energy-efficient. The insulation material covers even the tiniest spaces and awkward crevices where air leaks typically occur. Insulation keeps outdoor air from creeping in and conditioned air from seeping out. Your energy savings could be as high as 30 percent.

Reduces the Workload on Your HVAC

Consistent indoor temperatures achieved with the help of attic insulation will give your HVAC a lighter workload. Because your HVAC system won’t be working so hard, you’ll have lower utility bills. The unit will also last longer because it will experience less wear and tear.

Buffers Noise and Fends Off Pests

Blown-in insulation creates a sound buffer that reduces indoor noise and helps to prevent sounds from traveling through your walls. The buffer reduces noise that enters your home from outside as well. Insulation helps to keep pests from entering your home, and it eliminates any contaminants lurking in your existing insulation.

Resists Moisture and Helps to Prevent House Fires

Attic insulation helps to protect your home from fire. The airtight seal prevents air from moving through small spaces and fanning any flames. The material also resists moisture, so it prevents mold, rot and foul odors. It keeps water vapor and mold from entering your home and causing structural damage. It prevents heat buildup in your attic that could cause your roof shingles to swell and crack.

AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing installs blown-in attic insulation to keep your home safe and energy-efficient. Call us at (512) 782-2560 to learn more.

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