The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the pollutants inside the home are two to five times higher than outdoor pollutants. Are you interested in purchasing an air purifier but don’t know where to start? Here are the different types of air purifiers for your Austin, TX, home’s air purification needs.

How They Clean

Mechanical air purifiers use a HEPA filter to capture particles that make it past an AC filter. Electronic air purifiers trap particles using electrostatic attraction and charge the particles with electricity.

Ultraviolet light damages the DNA, preventing replication. If viruses or bacteria can’t replicate, they can’t infect. Photocatalytic oxidation uses UVC irradiation and titanium dioxide to change pollutants to water and carbon dioxide.

Activated Carbon and HEPA Filter

This type of air purifier removes gases and is highly absorbent. This filter is not designed for carbon monoxide and will not filter particulate pollution. For best results, use in combination with a HEPA filter.

A HEPA filter is the best home air purifier for allergies. It filters out 99.97% of particulates, such as pollen and dust mites. However, HEPA filters do not work on smoke or odors.

Filterless Air Purifiers

Instead of a filter, filterless air purifiers use technology to diffuse contaminants from the air. They offer ease of use and convenience since you don’t have to purchase and replace the filters.

Thermodynamic Sterilization

These types of purifiers don’t produce harmful substances or noise and are easy to maintain. Air passes through a ceramic core and heats up to nearly 400F. This type of purifier incinerates 99% of fungus spores, bacteria, etc.

Isn’t it time that you were breathing cleaner air at home? Indoor air pollution causes asthma flare-ups, headaches, fatigue and more. Take the next step for a cleaner, healthier home and contact AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing to learn more about air purification.

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