Did you know it’s not just your furnace that needs an annual tune-up in order to keep running smoothly? Your air conditioner needs tuning and inspecting before the hot months of summer begin, and now is the perfect time to schedule your appointment. Here are five reasons you should consider spring maintenance work on your Cedar Park, TX air conditioning system.

1. Fewer Emergency Repairs

No one wants their air conditioning system to quit working, right when humidity soars and temperatures crawl past 90 degrees, but that’s usually when it happens. A thorough tune-up and inspection drastically lowers your risk for breakdowns, making it unlikely you’ll be calling us for emergency repairs.

2. Longer System Lifespan

A unit that isn’t well-maintained suffers frequent breakdowns and performance issues, potentially cutting its lifespan in half. Keeping up with inspections and adjustments prolongs the system’s life as long as possible.

3. Peace of Mind

The peace of mind you get after an AC tune-up is priceless. You’ll have no constant worries about repairs or poor performance plaguing your mind, just a peaceful summer of comfort.

4. Lowered Energy Costs

A well-taken-care of AC doesn’t utilize extra energy to cool your home. Without pesky problems like short-cycling and dirty filters, the unit runs as designed, using less energy and helping you lower your carbon footprint.

5. Protected Warranty

The HVAC equipment in your home has a warranty on it that requires you stick to a set of guidelines to keep it intact. Most warranties require regular tune-ups that only a licensed HVAC technician can complete. By keeping this warranty in place, you’re protecting yourself in case of unforeseeable factory defects.

Keeping your air conditioner system healthy and maintained is the best way to keep your home comfortable during hot Texas summers. Give us a call at AC Pros today, and we’ll be glad to help you set up an appointment for a spring HVAC tune-up.

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