With summer almost over and fall right around the corner in Leander, TX, your thoughts turn from activities outside the home toward taking care of your home. Cleaning your drains is one way to take care of your home. Here are five benefits of a professional drain cleaning.

Eliminates Noisy Pipes

You may think that squeaking and cracking noises coming from your pipes are normal, especially in older houses. What those noises indicate is a disruption in the water flow. Cleaning your drains removes these obstructions, opening the pipes and reducing pressure on the lines.

Prevents Foul Odors

Foul odors emanating from your drains not only impact the comfort of your home but also impact your indoor air quality and health. A professional drain cleaning reaches the sources of these odors where typical home remedies lacking professional tools can’t.

Prevents Leaks

Obstructions and corrosion shorten the service life of your pipes. The last thing you want is to wake up one morning or come home from work and discover you have a leak somewhere in your Leander, TX, home. Routine drain cleaning prevents leaks from forming, thereby extending the life of your pipes; it also prevents damage to the rest of your home.

Reduces Bacterial Growth and Mold

Pipes are a breeding ground for mildew, harmful bacteria and mold. They especially like standing water or puddles provided by clogs or minor leaks. Getting rid of clogs and preventing other pipe issues eliminate the breeding grounds for mildew, mold and bacteria that build up in your pipes, bathrooms and kitchens.

Ensures Your Safety

Another reason to have your drains professionally cleaned is that it’s safer for you. While you can find a chemical drain cleaner at a hardware store or retail store, these chemicals are quite harmful to your pets, your family and yourself as they often contain lye. A professional drain cleaner offers better and safer solutions to remove clogs from your drains.

Don’t take risks with your health while trying to clean your drains. Contact AC Pros today for professional drain cleaning or our other plumbing services.

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