It’s normal for air conditioners to make some noise when running. However, the following noises aren’t normal and signal that it’s time for a service call in Cedar Park, TX.

Noise #1 – Hissing or Screaming

A high-pitched hiss or scream coming from your outside condenser unit is a sign of built-up pressure inside the compressor. You may notice your air conditioner going on and off frequently. This is a potentially hazardous situation in which you should immediately shut off your AC and stay away from it.

Please do not turn your AC on again until it’s inspected by an HVAC professional. It could burst and cause injury or damage to your home.

Noise #2 – Squealing

A squealing sound coming from your air conditioner is not dangerous. However, it could be a sign that you have a worn fan belt or one that is slipping. Schedule a service call to determine the cause of the noise and replace or reseat the belt, if needed, before it breaks.

Noise #3 – Screeching

A metal-on-metal screeching sound is a warning that you may have worn motor bearings in your AC unit. You can continue to use your air conditioning but call for service as soon as possible because your fan motor could eventually stop.

Noise #4 – Banging or Clanking

A banging or clanking noise coming from your condenser cabinet requires a little maintenance. A small branch or other debris might be stuck in your unit and needs removal. You can remove it on your own, but make sure to turn the power to your AC off first.

If there is no foreign object in your condenser cabinet, the fan blades inside might be wobbling and hitting the sides of the unit. Call for service to have your fan repaired.

Strange AC noises don’t go away on their own. If you hear odd noises, you need help from an HVAC technician. Contact us at AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing for all your home’s air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation needs in Cedar Park, TX.

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