Air ducts circulate cooled air throughout your home and help to maintain a comfortable temperature. Dirt and dust may clog up your ducts, and this may reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner in cooling your home. Here are three ways you can tell if your air ducts are dirty in your Austin, TX, home.

Increased Biological Growth

Cleaning your air ducts regularly can help to reduce the growth of biological matter. Biological contaminants reduce the quality of your indoor air and can pose serious health risks. You may consider contacting your HVAC technician to do the cleaning and remove any initial growth of these contaminants.

High Energy Costs

Energy bills are predictable year to year, and a spike in the cost might indicate that your AC is not working efficiently. Dirty air ducts restrict proper airflow throughout your home, and this increases the workload on the AC, leading to increased energy bills.

It’s best to rely on an expert technician for HVAC maintenance. We can assess whether a cleaning is enough or you need to replace the ducts to restore the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Increased Concentration of Dust

If you notice a lot of dust in your home even after you clean, it might be a sign that there is something wrong with your ductwork. Another way to know if your ductwork is dirty is by looking at the supply and return vents around your home. Cleaning your air duct will ensure that your house remains clean and healthy.

Dust and debris can build up in your home after a major renovation. Covering your HVAC system during construction can ensure that your air ducts are not clogged with dust and debris. These pollutants can cause respiratory problems if not properly cleaned.

AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers expert AC repair and plumbing services. We combine reliable service and the latest innovation to deliver our promise to keep you cool and comfortable consistently. Contact AC Pros Air Conditioning & Plumbing today for all your HVAC systems and duct cleaning.

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